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Here's a little treat for all those sweet hearts out there,
it's Isobel Campbell and Eugene Kelly performing a most wonderful Vaselines song...
"Son Of A Gun"

Just click on dear Isobel's face and listen and look and love

....Recorded at Southpaw in Brooklyn, March 15th 2006

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i'm new.

everyone likes amorino? thoughts?
i love that chicago feel in.. i can't remember which track. i only just discovered isobel and i reali like her sound. v nice. poor butterfly is nice to fall asleep to. anyone know when she's playing in adelaide?!! hope this community isnt officially 'dead'

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hi, i'm also new. i don't have pictures or news on isobel but i guess i have some stories. sometimes, whenever i'll go to record stores, i'll look for anything of hers but can never find anything. i even bought a gentle waves cd online from some company in tennessee but it never came, i almost thought i'd lost my money. luckily, that situation worked out well but makes me iffy on buying things over the internet.. anyways, i think she's real neat and i guess i just don't hear about her enough where i'm from.
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is there anyone in this community that likes to talk about isobel campbell?

does anyone know what kind of reviews the solo album is getting?
how does everyone else like it?

i like to listen to gentle waves when relaxing/meditating/ or painting. so soothing to the mind.
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From Pitchfork:

Along with [Belle and Sebastian's] new album, this new information is quite refreshing for those of us who were worried that when Belle and Sebastian lost their Belle, they might lose some steam as well. While we're all glad to see the band moving on, you should also look out for Isobel Campbell's solo album, Amorino. That one will be released through Instinct Records on October 7th in the U.S. and through Snowstorm Records in England on October 27th. According to Campbell's management, Amorino has been in the development stage for three years now, and the final result is the finest in orchestral twee. Campbell herself describes it as influenced by "French girl singers, psychedelia, Jimmy Webb, Antonio Carlos Jobim, The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and of course, the most universal of all themes-- even in these cynical times-- love." Wait a second...Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?!

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first post of 2003.. and we're a month into it..

this sucks. aha...

if anyone knows whats going on with the gal.. lets hear sometime.... but i doubt this will be answered until 2004 when we all hear that she.. married... whatever you get the picture